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A Star Trek Last Icon Maker Standing Contest
LIMS stands for Last Icon Maker Standing. It is a weekly contest where 1-2 icon makers are voted off to find out who the best icon maker is. Any skill level is welcomed. We do not allow harsh comments or bashing. Only constructive criticism is allowed. Anything to help the icon maker in the future, or even ideas are the best kind of comments.

Your mod, should you need anything is: narniacmr

Rules of the Community
• You MUST be a member of the community to participate in any LIMS challenge.
• Sign-ups are open until voting of the first challenge. You MAY NOT use a skip on the first challenge. If you do not submit in the first challenge you are automatically eliminated.
• Icons must not be posted until after the voting has concluded, so there is no bias voting.
• As normal, icons must meet LJ standards of 100x100 pixels and no more than 40kb.
• As with most LIMS challenges, NO ANIMATION is allowed unless otherwise stated in the challenge.
• All participants will receive one skip upon signing up for the round. You may get another skip by promoting the community. Skips will be given until voting for the first challenge is posted. You may promote the community using this button here:

Challenge Schedule
• Friday - The picture(s) for the round goes up. (8pm EST)
• Wednesday - No more icons will be accepted. The voting will go up. (8pm EST)
• Friday - The voting ends, and the winners are announced. (8pm EST)
• Banners will be posted as soon as the banner maker is able to do so.

• If you participated in the challenge, You MUST VOTE. If you fail to vote but entered an icon, you will not be eligible for any special awards.
• Anyone is eligible to vote. You do not have to have entered to vote.
• You are not to tell anyone which icon is yours and to vote for you. If it is found that you have done so, both you and the voter will be banned. Your icon is no longer eligible as well.
• All work submitted must be new, otherwise it is no longer eligible and you can be banned.
• You are asked to provide CONSTRUCTIVE criticism to the icon maker. Hateful or hurtful comments will not be tolerated. If you provide such comments you will automatically be banned. There is no need for rude behavior.

If you would like to become an affiliate, please visit and comment at our affiliate list here.
Profile codes & images by coloriages

People's Choice icons for Round 1
Challenge #1 Challenge #2 Challenge #3 Challenge #4 Challenge #5
jenniferjensen 16tosvo narniacmr narniacmr misplaced_angst

People's Choice icons for Round 2
Challenge #1 Challenge #1 Challenge #2 Challenge #3 Challenge #4
lemonpunch misplaced_angst colls misplaced_angst lemonpunch
Challenge #5 Challenge #5 Challenge #6 Challenge #6 Challenge #7
araglas vapor jenniferjensen araglas vapor
Challenge #8 Challenge #9 Challenge #10
colls misplaced_angst misplaced_angst

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